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First Module of the course has finished today

Well, today has finished the first module of my Master’s degree, were two hard weeks but it was compensative. The next module will commence only on May 31st, so I have some free time until there. In the next module, we will talk about the Computer Structure. I’m reading a book for the module and […]

Peer to Peer(P2P)

Hi!! What’s up? How are you doing? How many files have you copied from eMule today? This is a interesting topic that was asked to me in my course, the question was “Can organisations control and police the sharing of illegal files, if so how?” My answer: Adilson Dias 12 May 2007 Peer to […]

Time Management

Well, I’m here with a new topic Time Management. Why this subject is so important in your life? Have you spent some time to think about what are doing with your time? Adilson Dias 11 May 2007 Time Management In these days of teams and stated period of delivery of reduced projects and accumulation […]

Group Work

I’m in the second week of my Master’s degree studies, it is been very hard. I’ve a lot of work to do, assignments, discussion groups, lectures, etc.. My first assignment was about Group Work that is reproduced bellow: Adilson Dias 08 May 2007 Group Work Since the existence of the Earth that exist the […]

Master of Science in IT(Information Security)

I started yesterday(May, 03) a new course in IT, a Master’s degree. I’m taking this course at the University of Liverpool – United Kingdom on the campus of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, the course have focus on Information Security. This course will help me to know about the Information Security area what will be great […]