Progress DXSI(Progress® DataXtend® Semantic Integrator)


I've been working with Progress DXSI(Progress DataXtend Semantic Integrator, or DataXtend SI) for last 18 months and I can tell I'm quite surprise with what it can do. It's very powerfull.
DXSI is a very good tool to map between two different entities and also to share a common model. On DXSI you hava a source, a common model and a target. So, you map the source to the common model and the common model to the target. That allows you to have common objects shared accross your integration stack.

 There are quite a few ways of integrating DXSI with your project. The way I'm working with DXSI is integrating it with IBM WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus via Java API. In our mediation module we call DXSI via its API passing the IBM SDOs as operation argument and DXSI does the required mapping, transformations for the request message and then calls the next mediation module on Process Server(which is the target). Process Server makes the external call and returns the response, passing it to DXSI. On the way back in, DXSI does the required mapping, transformations for the response and passes it back to Process Server.


 On the picture above I try to show how DXSI is used. We use DXSI for all complex mappings and transformations. The internal BO mapping, or Business Object mapping existent on Process Server/Enterprise Service Bus doesn't handle complex mappings very well.

 I'll post some tips and tricks I've learned while using DXSI soon. Come back later and you may find a new post with more DXSI information. I have a lot in my mind right now that I really want to share.




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  1. Jawahar says:

    Can you please publish the Tips and Tricks using DXSI. Mainly the mappings

  2. Jayant Kumar says:

    Can you please let me know more about DXSI? Is this Licensed softare? How do I get in touch with the owner to talk about some business opportunity.

    Thanks & regards,

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