Hello my friend, you will find here information about what I like to do in my spare time!!!In my small town, Pedra Bonita in the state of Minas Gerais, I had the alias of “Martim Pescador”, a bird that likes to catch fishes, I don’t know its name in English. The reason of this alias is that I always go fishing doesn’t matter where I am, I do that to relax, to feel in peace with my mind.
I pretend to put here pictures from my “adventures”, tips of material and places where you can go fishing in S?o Paulo and Minhas Gerais, or other states in Brazil where I usually go to fish. Please, be patient as I’m alone in keep this site up to date and may take a long time until you see more pictures here.
Well friends, as I promised here are some of pictures of my fishing.

  • River Piranga – city of Ponte Nova in the state of Minas Gerais – You can catch small fishes as Lambari, Til?pias and big ones mainly like Dourados and Carpas. The old people say that it was possible to catch the Surubim many years ago in that river. In the pictures below, the fisherman is my old fishing partner Jos? Arcanjo – 74 y.o, my wife’s grandfather.
  • Maeda Fishing Boat- city of Itu in the state of São Paulo– Catch of many kinds of fishes, such as Pintado, Cachara, Lambaris, Tilapias, Carpas, Pacus, Mantrix?. That is a great place to go with your family because there are a lot of things to do. On the picture below my wife Erlen, my son Adryson(2 y.o) and me.
  • Recanto do Pescador – Ilha Solteira – Sao Paulo– The fishing is made mainly by catching Tucunar? Amarelo(Cicla ocellaris/Peacock bass) and the Tucunar? Azul(Cicla temensis/Peacock bass), there’re loads of Piranha, Corvina, Pacu and others. We fished on the river PARAN? GRANDE and S?O JOS? DOS DOURADOS. The Ilha Solteira is localized at the border between the states of S?o Paulo and Mato Grosso. Below you can see on the pictures my fishing partner Carl?o, the boat pilot Mario and me.
    Date of fishing: 14/02/2004 and 15/02/2004.
  • Rio das Ostras – Rio de Janeiro – Joana’s Beach– Fishing on the beach/sea, several kinds of sea fishes.
    My brother Alexandre and me in the photos.
    Date of fishing: Carnival/2004