Bluefin Tuna Fishing


Last July, I went fishing on Portland targeting bluefin tuna. It was my first time catching tuna. It's 4 hours driving from my place, I went on the day before and stayed there for the night.

I got there around 01:00PM and once everything was settled on the hotel I went straight to the boat ramp to check out how the fishermen were doing. I surprise with the numbers of fish caught. 

I can say they were many, around 10Kg to 20kg and I heard that someone had caught a big one around 150kg on the day before.. That made me very excited. I couldn't sleep well the whole night and I ended up getting up early and got the boat ramp on the  morning before most of the people even get there. surprise  Well, once they started arriving they said there was no need to get out early as there were fish everywhere.

My boat, fishing charter, arrived around 08:30am, and by 09:00am we were on the water.  We drove for about 30 minutes along the shore, not far from the coast line, no more than 3km I can say. Then we started looking up for baitfish and birds, it didn't take long before we found a few birds and we started trolling. The first fish was hooked 2 minutes after. Unbelievable!

As quick as we could we returned the lines to the water and started trolling again. The more hook ups came through. After 40 minutes my arms and back were sore and I gave up on reeling fish in. So, the other guys. We ended the fishing session around 10:30am and went back to the ramp. We were supposed to fish for 8 hours, but no one could keep the pace.

Here are few pictures of the fishes we kept. In Victoria only 2 fishes are allowed per person.

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