Battlefield 2142


Hi all,
this is a game that I like to play when I've time. EA Battlefield 2142 is game that pass in the future and two groups fight to control the remaining power in the world. The year is 2142 and the two groups are the European Union and Pan Asian Coalition. The range of armament and equipment is large. You can "choose", depend on the server allowing to do that, which group do you want to join, once you chose the group you choose which specialist soldier do you would like to play, Assault, Recon, Engineer and Support.

I use to play more with Recon and Support. Each soldier has different armament and equipment, so different missions in the group. You can play alone, just join in the group and try to help your group to accomplish the missions or play in team. Playing in team you make part of a squad that has a Squad Leader, so the Leader will give you orders to follow, to attack the enemies base or defend your base etc.

The difference I see from other online games such as Country Strike, Quake 4 and others is that in the Battlefield 2142 you have a good range of equipments to play with such as robots, cars/jeeps, tanks, spaceship and helicopters. Moreover, you have a rank to follow getting points in the game, as much points as you can get you are promoted to the next rank, starting from Soldier. I can't forget about the awards such medals and pins that you earn according to your performance in the game. So you can choose with medal do you want to have in your scoreboard and try to achieve it.

Once you are promoted, achieve a high rank, you have to choose one locked equipment to unlock it, then you can use it.

There are good players there and some of them have a plenty of time to play, also they have a good PC what helps a lot in the game. I miss a lot is a good documentation about the game. In the manual has the basics commands only, during the game you will find out how the things work. By that time you have died a lot.

One thing that bother me is that always I get a team that is loosing when I join the game or when you are wining the server just move you to another team that is loosing to help them, that kills me, so I've more looses than wins.

Here some pictures of my scoreboard, I'm not the good guy in that game, I play it to have some fun:

Battlefied 2142 by Adilson Dias

Battlefied 2142 by Adilson Dias

Battlefied 2142 by Adilson Dias

In the medals image, the ones in grey are the ones I didn't get yet.

I hope to see you some day playing in the same server that I'm playing.

See you,
Adilson Dias

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