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Have you ever thought about finding any hidden memory of your past on the internet?
Well, not true memory, but snapshots of your past at certain point in time. You can find that history from long time ago or even may something not that old on the Internet Archive: WayBack Machine. It’s a web site which has snapshots of many websites on the internet. It sometimes surprise your with information that you thought were gone.
I found a history my website almost since when I created it, on my domain, way back on 2000. My previous website was on a free host, it no longer exists as I asked them to delete it.
The Internet Archive: WayBack Machine can accessed through the URL Just enter your website name or any other website your want to refresh your memories and click on “Take Me Back” button.

I believed that I was the only who would have the files of my old website backed up on my CD’s, but they are still alive on the web site. They crawled my website 91 times over the years and there are at least 3 major changes on my website’s layout over the years. The first record they have from my site is from March 3, 2001. However, at that time my site was about 18 months old.

In case your want to see the history of my website click here*/ It’s in Brazilian Portuguese at the time, so I guess if you don’t ready Portuguese you can see how it was. I used to have a good numbers of followers on my forum, but I had to put it down as it became a bit expensive to maintain and I wasn’t getting any return from it.


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  1. Rick Eagan says:

    Do you know why the Archive website can not be access?
    Thank you

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